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We have already supported a number of clients in helping to prepare for GDPR, by auditing their marketing contact base.  This has helped them understand the impact and risks they face given where they currently are.

Adroit’s GDPR Readiness Audit provides a detailed look at your current state of readiness in preparation for GDPR live date on 25th May 2018. The audit will examine the personal data held within your business at an individual level looking at how the data is held, what data is collected, how it is collected, privacy rules, retention policies and identify where there are gaps.  We can also assess the data quality of the contact information held at the same time (link to Data Audit page).

The report will be provided back giving a clear picture of where you are at present and the impact GDPR will have on your dataset / contactable base.

To know more about how Adroit can help you prepare contact or 01285 659855 to speak to one of how GDPR advisors

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